MARY-JOY ASHLEY Graphic Designer


Tasked to create a new visual language for film advertising. One that relies on and relishes words, instead of falling back on the usual photographic imagery. I chose David Fincher and after analysing most of his films the majority of them feature a protagonist looking for truth, such as either trying solve a crime or conspiracy, I created a typographic system where the viewer had to search for the film title in a sea of text symbolising the viewers journey with the protagonists of his films.

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After The Quake

This project was an exploration into motion graphics in film, specifically how it will change with video on demand services creating content. Based on a hypothetical film adaption of After the Quake by Haruki Murakami, the book has six separate narratives which are related to the aftermath of an earthquake. I decided to create small interstitials between the narratives in order for viewers watching on mobile/computer platforms to be engaged between stories.

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The Lacehouse

Work Produced over an internship for The Lacehouse, a contemporary bar in Nottingham, including multidisciplinary work for both print, web and motion.

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Radio 1s Big Weekend

Tasked with branding radio ones big weekend, the idea behind the final logo is that each section stands for a different stage, the strength of the logo stands in the fact that each irregular shape can work together or on its own, with or without text. four irregular shapes that sit together and meet in the middle, representing the four tents that are all held at the same event. the bright colours symbolise that the music is diverse and that there is something for everyone.

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James & the giant peach

Illustration and Book cover design for Rohld Dahls, James and the Giant Peach.